Not sure if you have ever thought about it but where does your mind naturally go? Do you have recurring negative thoughts?

Hypnosis is a great way to get your thinking back on track by working with your unconscious mind.

Take the time to notice where your thoughts go. A lot of our thought processes are on autopilot. You know the saying about some people seeing the glass half full and others seeing the glass empty. Sometimes it feels as if the mind is crowded with negative thoughts.

We all have those times in life where we feel a little battered, bruised and a little worse for wear. Overload at work, deaths in the family, strained relationships – all factors that can wear us down and lead us to feel pessimistic about life. We can become anxious and sometimes even depressed when our view of life is coloured grey.

We all have a tendency to jump to conclusions and fill in the blanks. When things are going well, everything looks rosy and the little bumps along the way are just that – little. When we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and tired, our defenses are down and it can be easy to escalate the little things into problems. Our negative thoughts seem to crowd out positive thoughts.

Question is – where does your mind naturally go?

Crowd out your negative thoughts

In your quiet, neutral moments are the majority of your thoughts positive or negative thoughts?

We have all seen what optimism looks like – those perky people who seem to glide through life like nothing is a problem. What’s going on there? I suspect that optimistic people have a unique process going on in their minds. It looks like this:

  • They have a positive expectancy that things are bound to go well.
  • They look for the positive aspects of others no matter how negative they may seem
  • They look for the silver lining or lesson in challenging or difficult situations
  • They reframe negative words like problem, difficulty and trauma using words like challenge, test and opportunity.
  • They look for solutions or things that can be done instead of dwelling on limitations.
  • They move into action by searching for solutions.

Our thoughts go where our attention flows. It’s useful to observe where your attention naturally goes and look at ways of moving your thoughts in a more positive direction. Hypnosis can transform our negative thoughts into more positive thoughts.

So how do I know where my thoughts are heading?

The first step is to become aware of the tone of your thoughts. By tone, I mean the quality of your thoughts – are they mostly positive or negative? Supportive or critical? It’s a bit like talking about jumping to conclusions. Are you jumping to positive conclusions or negative ones?

The second step may be to try hypnosis. Hypnosis is highly effective at moving the mind into a more positive and productive state.

How do we know if our thoughts are more negative than positive? The quality of our thoughts can be measured by the effect they have on us. We all have an internal dialogue – that inner voice where we talk to ourselves. Think about how you are speaking to yourself and what is the outcome of your internal conversations with yourself. Are the majority of your thoughts making you feel uplifted or drained?

Over time the direction of our thoughts becomes a habit, whether you encourage positive thoughts or give the time to negative thoughts. The first step is always to become aware.

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”
-Colin Powell