May 13, 2018

I am writing to thank you Spiro because you helped me when I was at one of the lowest points in my life – plagued by alcohol, drug addiction, and uncontrollable rage. I had tried to change so many times, always relapsing back into the same old lifestyle for more than 4 years on and off. I was broken and coming to the end. Then I did hypnotherapy wit you and my life has completely turned around. I have not touched anything in the longest time and I have no desire to whatsoever. I have never been this positive and clean in my entire life. In just 4 sessions I am a completely different person. For the first time I have positive goals that I am achieving .I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me and I am forever in your debt. I feel like the hypnotherapy has given me the right tools I need to live a positive life achieving everything I want to. Thanks again!