May 13, 2018

I can’t thank Spiro enough for the amazing results I’ve gained from the short course of hypnotherapy I’ve had. I have struggled with poor motivation and self esteem, lack of direction, grief from the loss of my daughter, failure of romantic relationship which saw me move interstate to be with my partner, leave a fifteen year career, then have him end the relationship soon after which resulted in loss of my home, financial strain and my teen daughter moving further interstate. This left me overwhelmed in a new place, no support, a new job and alone. Spiro helped me not only recover from the acute emotional distress of heartbreak and change in circumstances but I have settled emotionally, found inner strength and clarity.

I now have direction and goals to achieve. I am more health conscious, joined the gym, have lost 20kg in last 6 months, have started a body building program and have completely overhauled my diet. I am dating again and enjoying extending my social circle by being more active in the community. All this achieved with four initial sessions and the very occasional top up session in the months since. Spiro is very approachable and puts people at ease. He is professional and you can tell he has a passion for what he does. You feel comfortable to be open with him. I remember how negative I felt however after the first session found myself at peace with a new drive to work on re-balancing and prioritising myself. It seems effortless..if you are ready to create a change no matter how large or small I highly recommend Canberra Hypnotherapy Clinic, Spiro and Stella are committed to helping you achieve the change you desire. Thank you again for all of your help!