May 13, 2018

I was a little apprehensive about the benefits of hypnotherapy and NLP however thought I would give anything a try due to the success my sister was experiencing. After a terrible year having faced the stress of moving interstate, a marriage breakdown with three small children and my brother passing away I felt constant depression, anxiety and poor body image.

Upon meeting you your warm down to earth nature put me at ease discussing my emotions and ‘life’ with you. I felt like you took the time to explore in depth the issues and emotions I was feeling. All I can say is ‘wow’ I am astounded at the impact working with you has had on my life. After my first session I stopped the internal dialogue in my head and repetitive negativity I was replaying on a daily basis. I put on a pair of sneakers and started running and have since lost 5kg and counting. I have had a full nights sleep for the first time in 6 years. I feel positive that my life is on the right path and that I am now in control.