It was a few years ago that Stella and I first realized we had a lot more to offer than just what we were doing in our respective careers.   In fact we were already doing in addition to the full time employment both of us were in.  Stella and I have been helping individuals overcome their blocks to success for over 10 years and we were doing it without the formal qualifications and getting results.  Great results!  So much so we were working with people at nights and on the weekends and with people in Canberra and Sydney and all over Australia via Skype.  It seemed crazy not to take this a step further.

The Canberra Hypnotherapy Clinic is a result of that goal.  Both Stella and I searched around for the right qualification and training to ensure we could not only offer our current abilities but we could add new skills to make it faster and easier.

I could wow you with jargon and sprout words that would mean something to another therapist but at the bottom line, I know what you want is results and preferably fast.

Canberra Hypnotherapy Clinic offers Fast Results

We believe we can offer you that now, especially because we had such great results in our training alone. Here at the Canberra Hypnotherapy Clinic, we  love to help people with issues that normally are deemed troublesome, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Weight problems
  • Addictions (or any kind of compulsive behaviour like workaholism)
  • Achieving goals
  • Performance anxiety
  • Social anxiety
  • Self esteem
  • Annoying habits like biting your nails
  • Insomnia
  • Dealing with labor pains naturally (yes you can have a blissful birth), and
  • Negative belief systems like I’m unworthy, or money’s bad or linked with unhappiness!

What we found before our training is that if we uncovered an unconscious belief system in a client, sometimes that client was blind to it or had a reason to hold onto it and just talking it through with them wasn’t enough to help them release it.  With hypnotherapy, we get around that.  We talk directly to the unconscious mind (which is really running the show) and work with it to see the benefits of change.  We provide meaning that the unconscious mind can grasp easily and just like when a new freeway opens up that cuts your driving time down, once shown to the unconscious it finds it easier to adopt this new pathway to freedom.  So think of us as your new road construction crew.

The Canberra Hypnotherapy Clinic can help you change your life if you’re ready to take that new freeway to freedom.  Why not contact us for your first session, the first 30 minutes are free after all.